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Concealed Handgun Permit Training in the Baton Rouge Area

Course Details

Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Training Course Basics

Louisiana requires 9 hours of instruction for initial applicants for a concealed handgun permit. The cost for the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Training Course is $150.00. This fee includes any range fees, one standard qualification target, and also includes free notarization of your application packet if you are completing a paper application form (however, this is no longer recommended by the State Police and they strongly encourage online applications which no longer require notarization).

In addition to your $150.00 fee, the course also requires that you provide a minimum of 36 rounds of ammunition for your gun. 50-100 rounds of ammunition is recommended to get the most out of training, range time permitting. Ammunition can be purchased in advance or can be purchased at the shooting range. However, the cost of ammunition at the range is generally higher than at most stores, and supplies may be limited. To ensure you have ammunition, purchasing in advance is recommended. Please ensure that you purchase the correct ammunition for your firearm! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

It is recommended that students bring their own gun (ideally the gun that they intend to carry with their permit) for the shooting component. If you do not have a gun of your own, you can use one of mine for an additional $10 fee (you must also supply the ammunition). Please advise in advance if you will have your own gun or if you would like me to provide one for your use. Additionally, the shooting range provides gun rentals for $10, but requires that all ammunition used in them be purchased from the range.

Depending on the size of the group, the course is usually conducted either at my office, 704 S. Foster Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 (7 or fewer students), or at FRC Shooting Range. The shooting component is conducted at FRC Shooting range, regardless of where the classroom component is held, unless special arrangements are made for a specific class at a different location.

Classes are generally held on Saturdays and begin at 8 am and last until 6 pm. This includes a 1-hour break for lunch. For groups, class start times can be flexible, or the class can be held over more than one day. Also for groups or families, I can conduct the classroom portion of the training course in your home, your office, your church, or any other facility of your choosing. The shooting component would be held at the nearest shooting range, unless your facility has a place to shoot, such as a hunting camp. Please contact me for details.

Please do not hesitate to ask about any special accommodations that your group may need for time, location, equipment, etc. Provided the required classroom time and qualification requirements are met, specialized course structures can be requested. Longer courses covering additional information can also be provided on request.


  1. Appropriate Fee ($150)
  2. State Issued Identification (required for the shooting range)
  3. Your intended carry gun (recommended) or any gun you wish to use to qualify. If you don’t have a gun, money for gun rental (about $10, and ammunition must be purchased from the range).
  4. 50-100 rounds of ammunition for your gun are recommended, but 36 at a bare minimum.
  5. Extra targets, if desired.
  6. Snacks and drinks. This class is all day!

What the Concealed Handgun Permit Training Course Covers

The course is broken up into several parts as required by Louisiana law. The course consists of classroom lectures, demonstrations, and group discussions, as well as a course of live fire at a shooting range.

  1. Gun Safety and Nomenclature (1 Hour) covering:
    1. Basic handgun safety rules
    2. Supplemental gun safety rules
    3. Safety considerations for specific types of firearms
    4. Basic handgun terminology
    5. Basic handgun operation
    6. Choosing the right gun
    7. Safe and proper holster selection
  2. Ammunition and Pistol Shooting Fundamentals (1 Hour) covering:
    1. Ammunition components, types, and naming conventions
    2. Choosing the right ammunition
    3. Fundamentals of pistol shooting
    4. Pistol stoppages and how to fix them
  3. Use of deadly force, Louisiana gun laws, and Conflict resolution (3 Hours), covering:
    1. Louisiana Deadly Force Statutes
    2. Hypothetical scenarios
    3. The Concealed Handgun Statute, prohibited locations, and reciprocity
    4. Other laws affecting concealed handguns
    5. Recent developments in the law, if applicable
  4. Child and unauthorized person access prevention (1 Hour), covering:
    1. Safe storage methods
    2. Teaching gun safety to children
    3. Special considerations for concealed handguns and child safety
  5. Handgun Shooting Positions (1 Hour), covering:
    1. History and development of handgun shooting techniques
    2. The Isosceles Position
    3. The Weaver Position
    4. The Benchrest Position
    5. One-handed shooting
    6. Point shooting
    7. Concealed carry methods, terminology, and drawing
  6. Live Fire Training and cleaning procedures (2 Hours), covering:
    1. Shooting range safety
    2. Basic Practice
    3. Qualification
    4. Additional techniques (time and ammunition permitting after qualification)
    5. Firearm cleaning procedures and maintenance

Renewal Courses

While renewal courses used to be somewhat shorter and less expensive than initial courses, the State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Unit has recently put out guidance that this should not be the case. Accordingly, my renewal courses are now the same length as the initial course. A renewal student may join any initial course, or a class for all renewal students will now cover more in-depth information with a quicker brush-up on the basics. Please note that you must complete your training and submit your application within 60 days of the expiration of your permit in order to renew. After 60 days, you must submit a new initial application and complete the initial course. 

Louisiana Law of Self-Defense and Carrying Firearms

This course covers what every law-abiding Louisiana gun owner needs to know if they want to stay law-abiding! Everyone who owns or carries a gun for self-defense needs to know the applicable laws, and there is a lot of misinformation out there!

Come ready with all of your questions!

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Federal and State Constitutional Law Overview – What is Constitutionally protected?
  2. The use of force in self-defense under both criminal and civil law, including:
    1. “Castle Doctrine” and “Stand your Ground”
    2. Aggressor doctrine
    3. Defense of others
    4. Jurisprudence
  3. Civil Liability concerns and the Louisiana Self-Defense Civil Immunity Statute
  4. Concealed Carry Law, including:
    1. Legal definition of “concealed”
    2. Eligibility for permits and grounds for revocation
    3. Obligations of permittees
    4. Prohibited Locations – State, Federal, and Local
    5. Reciprocity
    6. Criminal penalties
  5. Open Carry Law, including:
    1. Legal definition of “Open Carry” and the boundaries between open and concealed.
    2. Prohibited Locations and other concerns
  6. Knife law and the carrying of other weapons
  7. Related miscellaneous issues such as defense against animals