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Concealed Handgun Permit Training in the Baton Rouge Area


Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Unit

This page contains permit applications, both online and hard copy, as well as general information about Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permits, the reciprocity map, and other important information. All permit holders, perspective applicants, and interested parties are encouraged to read this page in full.

US Law Shield 

My preferred vendor for Self-Defense insurance. I am an independent network attorney for Law Shield and give gun law seminars for the organization. You may enter my promo code, “pacifist,” for 2 free months on an annual membership. You may also attend one of the gun law seminars or contact me to ask about additional discounts and promotions that may be available!

Louisiana Shooting Association

The Louisiana Shooting Association is one of the most effective organizations behind gun law legislation in Louisiana. Please consider joining the LSA to support the legislative efforts!

Red Stick Pink Pistols

Red Stick Pink Pistols is the official chapter of the Pink Pistols for the Greater Baton Rouge Area. Pink Pistols is an organization dedicated to the legal, safe, and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the sexual-minority community.

This site contains information regarding each state’s concealed handgun laws. Not only does it have a good summary of Louisiana law, but it is an invaluable resource if you are traveling to other states that have reciprocity with Louisiana. It is the quickest and most succinct way to review the important laws regarding carrying in any state to ensure your are carrying lawfully. Please note that they try to be as accurate as possible, but the accuracy of their information is not, and cannot be, absolutely guaranteed. 

Lucky Gunner Ammunition Test

An excellent resource to compare the potential effectiveness of different defensive ammunition out of compact firearms, and to learn what makes a good carry round in general. 

Louisiana Alcoholic Beverage Permit Search

Under Louisiana Law, firearms may only be carried in places that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises if the premises are permitted with a Class A-Restaurant (AR) permit. This link will allow you to search any place issued an alcoholic beverage permit in Louisiana and check if it has the appropriate permit for lawful carry therein.