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Concealed Handgun Permit Training in the Baton Rouge Area

Welcome to PaciFIST Firearms! We aim to be the best in Concealed Handgun information and instruction in the Baton Rouge area, offering the following services:

  • Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Training, both for initial and renewal applications
  • Louisiana gun and self-defense law courses
  • Private Instruction
  • In-Home Instruction
  • Group Rates


To provide quality pistol training for Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit applicants or anyone else interested in learning to use a firearm properly and safely.

PaciFIST Firearms strives to create an accessible, welcoming, informative, safe, and fun training environment for anyone, even if you’ve never touched a gun before. Firearm training can be intimidating, especially for new shooters, but it doesn’t have to be. Some instructors with military or law enforcement backgrounds train like drill sergeants or have a condescending attitude toward civilian shooters, which can create a disincentive for people from seeking as much training as they should. However, we believe that a positive, accepting, and engaging training environment not only fosters better learning, but also encourages greater involvement in the shooting sports and better, more knowledgeable and responsible gun owners.

About the Instructor

NRA Certified Instructor and licensed Louisiana Attorney Everett Baudean decided to become a Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor after finding his own permit training to be less than adequate, and hearing of others leaving their own courses confused about certain things. There are many legal issues involved in carrying a concealed handgun in Louisiana, and many permit holders (and even instructors) don’t understand them as well as they should. In the defense of other instructors, however, many legal issues surrounding concealed handguns are confusing, many questions do remain unanswered, and it isn’t even very clear that the Louisiana Legislature understands what is in their own laws!

I have been shooting guns regularly since 2004, handloading my own ammunition since 2006, and have been licensed to carry since 2007. Firearms and firearm rights are truly one of my passions, and I love helping others learn, and learning new things myself!

I do a lot of work on gun law in the Louisiana Legislature with the Louisiana Shooting Association, in which I serve as a board member. I am further a volunteer instructor with Red Stick Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword.


Any discussion of the law or legal issues on this website or in any class conducted by PaciFIST Firearms, LLC or Everett C. Baudean is for educational purposes only. All cases are different, and all laws are subject to interpretation, so any such discussion of the law should not be considered definitive regarding the legality of any specific actions taken with a firearm. Visitors to this website and students of any courses understand that the discussions of the law are not exhaustive of all considerations that may exist. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the presentation of information on this website or in any class conducted by PaciFIST Firearms, LLC or Everett C. Baudean. To the extent that any such relationship is deemed formed, it is expressly limited to the issues discussed (limited representation) and does not create general representation for any other legal matter. PaciFIST Firearms, LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal services, and nothing on this website or in any course conducted should be construed as an advertisement for legal services. Any information provided on this website or in any classes is considered information provided upon request. If any visitor of this website or student of any course conducted by PaciFIST Firearms, LLC should desire legal services of any nature, or has received legal services from Everett C. Baudean, such services are completely separate from any services rendered by PaciFIST Firearms, LLC.