PaciFIST Firearms, LLC

Concealed Handgun Permit Training in the Baton Rouge Area

PaciFIST Principles

“Piece be with you”

The inspiration for the name “PaciFIST” came from a common discussion in the concealed handgun community regarding the mindset of a concealed handgun permit holder. Concealed handgun permit holders are among the most law-abiding people in society, and concealed carry advocates believe that armed citizens reduce violence, or as the old saying goes, “an armed society is a polite society.” However, opponents of concealed carry would portray those who choose to exercise their right to self-defense as vigilantes looking for trouble, when the reality is that people who carry guns do so specifically to avoid trouble. It is, therefore, the responsibility of everyone who carries a concealed handgun to set a good example at all times, and to strive to create the most peaceful society possible in their daily lives. To that end, I have put forth the following PaciFIST Principles:

    • Carrying a gun requires a peaceful, mature mindset.
        • If you carry a gun, you cannot allow yourself to cause or escalate conflict. Because you are armed, any conflict you find yourself in has the potential to turn deadly.
      • Do not respond to insults or inconveniences with anger. Let your gun remind you that there are worse things that could be happening, and be thankful that they are not.
    • Cultivate an attitude of alert tranquility.
        • Situational awareness is important for those choosing to carry a gun. You must be aware of your surroundings.
      • However, this does not mean you have to be paranoid or on-edge. Your default attitude to others should be attentiveness, not suspicion.
    • While an important part of carrying a gun is staying aware of the actions of others, it is just as important to stay aware of your own actions.
        • You not only have the power to to great harm, but your actions could also cause other problems. Keep your gun properly concealed. Seeing your gun could cause others alarm and could cause the police to be called.
      • Set an example for others. Act with the same standards of conduct that you would like everyone else to. You are carrying a gun because you want to live in a safer, kinder, more peaceful society, so you set a good example yourself.
    • You are not carrying a gun to look tough, intimidate others, or to win arguments.
        • You should not boast about your gun. You should not broadcast the fact that you’re carrying. You should not flash your gun at anyone under any circumstances.
      • Experienced carriers and instructors will often say that the day you start carrying a gun is the day you decide to lose every argument.
    • Carrying a gun is about having an effective means of self defense, not a license to give offense.
        • Again, you cannot cause conflict just because you feel like you could win.
        • You should be polite and courteous to others at all times. Acknowledging others is great for your situational awareness. Create a positive environment wherever you go and you reduce the risk of having to use your gun.
      • More often than not, conflict can be better prevented with a smile than with a shooting.
  • Carrying a gun is not about being powerful, but only a refusal to be powerless.
      • Carrying a gun can be an exciting feeling. Our culture portrays violence as exciting through movies and games, but just like those movies, and the excitement is fictional.
      • Even though you carry a gun daily, using it should be the last thing that you want to happen. You should not put yourself into more dangerous situations in life just because you are armed.
    • If you think any given activity has an elevated chance of putting you in danger, your first thought should be “I shouldn’t do this,” not “I should bring my gun.”
    • Even if the law doesn’t necessarily impose a duty to retreat on you, retreat may often be the best option to save your life. There is no inherent value in “getting the bad guy,” and being involved in a shooting, even if you come out unscathed, is never to be desired.